About Everypay

EveryPay is a paytech that builds payments infrastructure and provides the economic and legal ecosystems to help small startups, as well as mature companies, grow their online business.

EveryPay is a fully licensed PSP, regulated by the Bank of Greece. Our Payment Gateway (PGW) is the most advanced in Greece and one of the fastest in Europe

We contribute heavily to the open source paytech community with a rich set of libraries and integration patches in order to facilitate fast, reliable and secure connections that serve as the basis for further development of business solutions and ideas.

We currently serve more than 700 merchants, but due to their nature (we serve the top food aggregators and a number of marketplaces) our servers facilitate thousands of transactions per day and make payments to more than 2.000 e-commerce sellers.

We are the only e-commerce acquiring provider that offers its services as “white label” to the local Banking ecosystem.

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Research and Development

Everypay is currently engaged in a number of cutting-edge research and development projects that differentiate us considerably from the local competition. As a PayTech, we invest heavily in smart applications that aim to make payments easier and safer for all such as:

1. Smart Education: The first in the world comprehensive school System that blends payments and light tracking (cashless ecosystem, fleet tracking, fast check-in and check-out, library lease management etc.)

2. Smart Tourism: Easy access and payment on-the-fly system for all-inclusive units.

3. Smart Energy: Instant payment system incorporated in IoT systems for on-the-fly payments of services (smart cities ecosystems).