One Click Pay

Customers do not need to re-enter their details to make a new payment.

You can create a new customer “object” and save that particular customer’s card. From that moment on, you are able to charge the customer at any time in the future, without the risk of losing sensitive data, since you only store the client’s code and not his actual card details.

One Click Pay

One – Click payments can be completed after an initial transaction.

The customer just needs to sign up on your e-shop and purchase only one time.

After your clients have entered their card details (card number, cardholder’s first and last name, CVV2/CVC2, expiration date), for the first transaction only, those details are encrypted by EveryPay and your clients can use the One-Click pay on your web site repeatedly at every checkout.

How does it work?

Tokenization technology allows sensitive card data to be safely stored away from the web by replacing them with a token, a unique key number. After the token is created, it is saved by the merchant. Next time your customers visit your e-shop and buy a product/ service, the EveryPay System uses the reference ID of the initial transaction, in order to charge their card. They do not need to reenter their credit card details.

One Click Payments are simple, secure and transparent! With just one click, your customer makes a payment fast and easy, cart abandonment is reduced, and customer UX is increased!

One – Click payments


Make the payment process for your customers shorter. Just let them pay with just one click.

Increase your Sales – By saving customer’s card details, the process of buying becomes faster and simpler, increasing customer satisfaction.

Use Tokenization – Tokenization is a powerful tool to store your customer’s credit card details, which are considered highly sensitive. Just use the token and enjoy the security the Tokenization technology has to offer.

Boost up your Revenues with Micro-payments – One click pay is extremely useful in Micro-payments, offering your customers a unique UX.

This service is suitable for businesses with recurring payments, where customers can sign up. In future transactions, they won’t have to fill in the card details again.