Native Mobile SDKs

Nowadays the use of Mobile Apps is a mandatory issue for expanding your business. 

We have built apps for Android and iOS. EveryPay offers libraries that support 3D Secure, with no other costs or procedures.

Implement your android mobile application, integrate our SDK and start receiving payments. Every single card number is being saved to our tokenization Vault.

With EveryPay’s native libraries for Android and iOS, you can integrate card payments smoothly in your app.

Native Mobile SDKs

The key benefits of using native mobile apps are:

  • Get the best performance and speed for your business. Native apps exhibit optimum performance, work faster, providing a proficient and high level of operational efficiency. The app is able to perform at the highest level.
  • Take full advantage of the software and the operating system’s features, and ensure superior and enhanced user experience. The user input and output are very fast within the interface of the app.
  • Guaranteed data protection. Native apps are safer and more secure. You can provide data protection for your users.
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