EveryPay LINK

An all-in-one solution for Marketplaces

A fully flexible and customizable framework for marketplaces and platforms. Using Everypay Link, you can accept money and pay out any third party.

On-board and retain more restaurants, more drivers, more doctors, more hotels, more fashion stores!

Using our Rest API for marketplaces, start accepting payments for any business model, such as retail, travel, crowdfunding, booking services and food marketplaces.

Fully compliant with PSD2 for accepting third party payments in a fast, transparent and safe way.

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EveryPay Link

Registration and consulting

Before starting we provide you with legal, technical and business guidance.

Onboarding and Rest API integration

The whole procedure is done online and you may instantly start the integration with your Web or Mobile applications, even on a sandbox mode.

Accepting payment and routing payouts

Your life becomes easier, upon completing the procedure, your sellers will be paid on time without any disruption.

EveryPay’s engine makes your marketplace operations easier, faster and tailored to your business model:

  • Payment automation
  • Plug and play infrastructure for Marketplaces and Aggregators.
  • Split payments for Marketplaces and Sellers.
  • Settlement regardless of the Bank, at any Bank account.

With our API you can easily onboard your sellers, split your payments, collect your commissions, send funds rapidly, reverse funds and schedule payouts to your sellers.

EveryPay Link enables you to:

  • Accept card payments

  • Register sellers

  • Determine the time and the process of payouts

  • Collect your commission in real time

  • Connect multiple accounts to a seller

  • Split payments to multiple sellers

  • On hold transfers

  • Subsidize sellers

  • Fully automate your refunds and reversals

  • Make direct transfers