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Marketplace Payment Operations

Marketplaces are growing extremely fast, and at the same time, they typically have very specific needs for their payments. Everypay offers a state of the art infrastructure and services that allow your marketplace payments to be executed smoothly.

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Marketplace Rest API

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  • Business, technical, legal and financial advice

  • Custom solutions for your unique ideas and needs


E-commerce Solutions

Every payment is important for us. It’s the reason we offer 99,99% uptime.

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Rest API

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  • E-POS & Virtual POS

  • Flexible and full Rest API

  • Marketplace Operations

  • Customer Data & Cards tokenization

  • Free payment plugins for your website

E-COMMERCE | Clients


All the payment features in one place. Our UX designed for E-commerce businesses and our in-house payment gateway for developers.

Ultra-fast and reliable payment gateways

Our infrastructure on amazon web services offers speed and 99.99% uptime.

Enhanced Rest API

A fully functional structure that allows E-commerce businesses and Marketplaces to excel.

Mobile Native SDK’s

Plug and “pay” solutions for Android and IOS. You only have to create your applications, using our SDK’s.

Email payments / notifications

Send your customers email notifications and receive payments without obtaining their card data.

Virtual POS

You get an easy 24h/day solution to charge your customers, for Mail orders or Telephone orders (MOTO transactions).


Our Webhooks will help you feed in real time your system with all the recorded transactions.

Failover system

Our multichannel gateway will help increase your approved payments up to 5%.

Personal Support

Everypay’s team will be at your side, in case a problem occurs or you need consulting.

How it works?

We make your life easier. Rapid onboarding procedures and plug & play payment solutions.


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